Are kitchens expensive?

Kitchens and bathrooms are by far the most expensive rooms in the house because not only do they require a lot of finish and materials (they are full of countertops, tiles, and cabinets), but they also carry additional budgetary demands due to plumbing, electrical and mechanical requirements, says Steve Pallrand of the design firm Home Front. The costs of the new kitchen run a huge range, so budgeting for your new room can seem like a daunting prospect. Room size matters, naturally, but with everything from DIY designs to bespoke handmade kitchens, it's no wonder there's a huge variance in costs. So, if homeowners choose to invest more, but renovate less, how can you put your stamp on kitchen design to reflect changes in trends and preferred styles? Industry innovation provides us with appliances and accessories that perform an increasing number of functions and that can adapt to the environments we want to create.

Smart lighting now provides total versatility when it comes to creating ambience within a room, allowing us to dim the lights for dinners and create spotlights on the features we want to attract attention, whether it's a treasured photograph or a favorite ornament. In answer to Ed's question, kitchens can require large budgets due to a number of factors, such as restructuring and quality of fixtures, but homeowners should carefully consider the value of quality over quantity and long-term profitability. Companies like Plykea (opens in a new tab) and Husk (opens in a new tab) make doors, drawers, countertops and more to fit Ikea kitchen cabinets, but give your kitchen a more handcrafted look. Cabinets are the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel and can account for 30% or more of the total cost.

According to a recent survey, 88 percent of those who decided to renovate their kitchens hire at least one contractor. For kitchen installations, around 15-25% of the total cost of kitchen remodeling is expected. Fortunately, kitchens on a budget are possible, and there are a few simple ways to achieve that. Even if you don't plan to live in your house for a long time, remodeling the kitchen could add tremendously market value to the home if you plan to sell it.

Remodeling and reusing existing space can solve many of the frustrations you have with your legacy kitchen. If you're considering remodeling your kitchen, the first thing you'll want to do is set a budget for the job. Some of the hardest working pieces in your kitchen are appliances, and the refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, and microwave can account for about a third of the cost of a modern kitchen. Or, skip upgrading the appliance and focus that part of the budget on the cost of replacing kitchen cabinets and countertops.

Every time you watch Gordon Ramsay, Paula Deen, Rachael Ray and Tom Colicchio prepare delicious food on YouTube, you pay as much attention to the color of the kitchen cabinet and its simple but aesthetic appeal as to the amount of salt added. We asked the experts for advice on how to reduce the costs of this home improvement project so you can bring your favorite kitchen ideas to life, for less. Or choose a ready-to-paint kitchen and paint the kitchen cabinets yourself to make your new kitchen cost less. No one will ever know if their “new kitchen” was ever in a showroom and paid a bargain price for the show kitchen.

New cabinets, countertops and appliances come together to create a U-shaped kitchen design and make the space appear larger.

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