How much will kitchen renovation cost?

This cost guide compares three potential renovations for a 200-square-foot kitchen, categorized as minor, major, and exclusive in scope. A kitchen remodel also offers the opportunity to reconfigure storage to be more efficient, reducing the number of sharp objects on the counter and providing good lighting for tasks involving hot knives and pans. But the task of remodeling your kitchen remains a simple footnote in the long list of things to do. At the heart of the kitchen are its appliances, which usually include a refrigerator, oven and cooktop or stove, dishwasher, microwave, and potentially a vent hood.

Kitchen remodeling costs will definitely pay off in the end, either in monetary value or in increased functionality. Your long-term plans play an important role in deciding whether or not you need a kitchen remodel. The selection of the floor will depend both on design preferences, durability requirements, and the way the landlord uses the kitchen. Many older kitchens were designed with one cook in mind, while in many homes today there can be several people gathering in the kitchen at once.

Many older kitchens do not comply with current codes, so upgrading and acquiring the necessary permits to modernize kitchen security will increase the security of your home and increase its value. Most people spend more time in their kitchens than in almost any other room in the house, so it makes sense that you want what's best for your own. If the kitchen layout remains virtually the same, plumbing costs will be minimal, as water and gas lines can stay in place. Of course, much of your kitchen remodeling budget will depend on the scope of the remodeling work you want to undertake.

Your location, the type of items being installed, and the size of your kitchen all influence the total labor cost of the project. Once you've made the big decisions about the fun parts of a kitchen remodel, the parts you can see, you'll still need to factor in the invisible network of pipes and cables that make the kitchen work, along with the cost of someone's services to help plan that network efficiently. The personal satisfaction of working and eating every day in a kitchen you created with your own hands is a great feeling, and doing the work yourself allows for flexibility in the schedule. According to a recent survey, 88 percent of those who decided to renovate their kitchens hire at least one contractor.

A local kitchen designer in your area can give you more specific advice on how much you could pay for the remodel.

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