Is renovating your house a good investment?

Remodeling can increase a home's return on investment (ROI). Wood decking, window replacement, and kitchen and bathroom upgrades tend to generate the highest ROIs. For cost recovery, remodeling projects generally must correct a design or structural defect to recover the cost of construction. How long do you plan to stay in the house? Few renewals return 100% of your investment, so you can also make major renovations while you can still enjoy them.

If your plan is to sell your house in 5 to 10 years and your kitchen is already a little dilapidated, go ahead and renovate. You will be able to enjoy the renewal and still a substantial part of your investment will be returned to you at the time of the sale. Homebuyers looking for a move-in ready home (who are buyers who like to see renovations) compared to home lovers are looking for different things. I thought it made sense when you said that the cost of renovating your kitchen will depend on the type of remodeling you choose, such as expanding your space or not.

Adding a bedroom or two or five can be a good investment, especially if you live in a booming housing market. Diversifying your real estate holdings is a great idea, especially since the housing market is expected to remain strong in the coming years. And remember that sometimes life can turn upside down and you may need to put your house on the market sooner than expected. For this unique type of appraisal, an inspector will analyze sales comparisons in your neighborhood, as well as your current home specifications and renovation plans.

That's not to say granite countertops and steam showers don't work; kitchen and bathroom remodeling remains two of the best investments you can make in your home. There are many other ways to invest your money, such as putting money into the S&P 500, for example, which will give you a better return than a home renovation. It also depends on a variety of factors, including the condition of the rest of the home, the value of similar homes nearby, and even how much the value of other homes in the area fluctuates. You can take advantage of the accumulated value of the home you've built when you're ready for major renovations or remodeling by applying for a cash-out refinance.

Although he never did so well himself, I remember proudly telling me that a member made more than £250,000 in profit in a single transaction, that's after subtracting renewal costs. Even so, the new kitchens and bathrooms lose some of their glamour if there is water in the basement when a potential buyer comes to see your house, says Alfano. There's certainly nothing wrong with adding these features to your home, but don't expect potential buyers to be willing to pay a premium to get them when you're ready to sell. The average repair house should cost less, although with housing inventories so low and housing demand currently so high, you may not get a significant discount, although that depends on how much renovation is needed and where in the country you are.

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